Covitan 75 Softgel


People complaining of heart problems often have high cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure (hypertension). Coenzyme Q 10, or Ubiquinone, is a vitamin like substance and is found in cells, particularly in Mitochondria. It is involved in cell respiration and generates energy. Hence, the organs with highest energy requirements has high concentration of CoQ10, like heart and liver.

Patients with high Cholesterol levels are often prescribed Statins, which lowers CoQ10 levels and thus deprives hear from energy generating substances. Supplementation is Statins helps maintain the CoQ10 levels and decreases the heart risk.


Product Description

CoQ10 also decreases hypertension and patients on CoQ10 supplementation has survival benefit after cardiac arrest.
Each softgel contains
Coenzyme Q10 75mg
For adults ‚ one softgel to be taken twice daily, preferably with the main meal.